Geothermal Ground Loops

Geothermal Ground Loops Portland

At The Excavators, LLC, we are proud to offer energy-efficient options for your ground looping needs. As a part of the geothermal movement that is sweeping the nation, we offer geothermal ground loops as a way of making your heating more affordable. As a family-owned and operated company, we believe in putting our customer’s needs before our own and will do everything to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your ground loops. With the highest quality equipment and the most up-to-date technologies available, we truly provide our customers with the best geothermal ground loops in the industry.

Why choose us for your Geothermal Ground Loop work in Portland, Or.?

The fact that we offer geothermal ground loops already sets us apart from the competition and puts us at a higher level than the rest. In addition to that, some of the benefits of choosing The Excavators, LLC to install your loops include:

  • The loops go deeper for better conduction.
  • We offer the loops in addition to entire packages for trenching.
  • We offer semi-vertical ground loops with our directional drilling services.
  • Our looping services create much less damage to your property and make better use of your land.
  • We serve the Portland Metro area and will travel to ensure the satisfaction of all of our customers.
  • You will save on utility bills with geothermal energy.

With three generations serving the residents of Portland and surrounding areas, we believe that our most recent upgrade in technology to geothermal ground loops will benefit our customers the very most.