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Common Causes Of Sewer Line Damage And How To Prevent Them

Sewer line damage is a frustrating and often costly problem for homeowners in Portland. It can lead to foul odors, sewage backups, and even property damage. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the common causes of sewer line damage and how to prevent it. In this blog post, we will explore the most frequent causes of sewer line damage and provide tips on how to avoid them.

1. Flushing

One of the most common causes of sewer line damage is clogs. Clogs can be caused by various materials such as grease, hair, or foreign objects that are flushed down the toilet. These clogs can build up over time and restrict the flow of water through the pipes, leading to pipe damage or even bursting. The best way to avoid clogs is to be mindful of what you flush down your toilets and sinks. Never flush items like baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, or cooking grease down the drain.

2. Tree Planting

Another cause of sewer line damage is tree roots. Trees seek out sources of water and nutrients, and sewer lines provide an excellent source of both. Tree roots can grow into sewer lines and cause blockages, leading to sewer line damage. To prevent this, be mindful of where you plant trees in your yard. Avoid planting trees near your sewer lines, or choose trees with shallow root systems that are less likely to invade your sewer lines.

3. Broken Sewer Pipe

A broken pipe is another common cause of sewer line damage. Pipes can break due to age, corrosion, or damage from heavy equipment or excavation. Broken pipes can lead to leaks or even total failure, which requires immediate repair or replacement. Signs of a broken pipe include slow drains, gurgling sounds, or sewage odors coming from your pipes. If you suspect that you have a broken pipe, you should contact a professional sewer repair service immediately to assess the damage and provide repair options.

4. sewer line backups

Sewer line damage can also be caused by sewer line backups. A backed-up sewer can cause significant property damage and expose you to harmful bacteria and pathogens. Sewer backups can be caused by clogs, tree roots, or even broken sewer pipes. To avoid sewer backups, it’s essential to have regular inspections of your sewer lines and clean them regularly to prevent blockages.

5. gurgling sounds and emitted sewage odors

If your sewer system is making gurgling sounds or emitting sewage odors, it may be time to call for sewer line repairs. These signs could indicate a clogged or broken sewer line that requires immediate attention. Sewer line cleaning can remove debris from sewer facilities and help prevent future blockages that could lead to costly repairs. However, if your sewer line is beyond repair, then sewer line replacement is necessary. The cost of materials and extended period of construction time needed for complete sewer installation or sewer replacements can vary depending on the project cost.

In conclusion, sewer line damage can cause significant problems for homeowners and businesses in Portland. Regular maintenance and inspections, proper disposal of grease and foreign objects, and being mindful of where you plant trees can all help prevent sewer line damage. If you suspect that your sewer lines are damaged, it’s crucial to contact a professional sewer repair service right away to avoid further damage and costly repairs.

Your local Sewer replacement specialists in Portland

When choosing a sewer repair service, it’s important to select a company with extensive experience in handling plumbing issues like sewer line damage. You should also look for a company that provides excellent customer service and has a commitment to customer care.

Before hiring a sewer repair service, it is essential to check whether they have the applicable state-level licenses or permits for sewer line excavation, installation, and repair services. You should also ensure that the sewer repair service conducts background checks on its employees to protect your private property. We at The Excavators, LLC have dependable, non-invasive sewer repair options, including sewer line replacement.

We offer Trenchless sewer line replacement, which has become a popular method for repairing damaged sewer lines. It’s a cost-effective and less invasive option that saves both time and money compared to traditional methods. Trenchless sewer repair options are the preferred method for many commercial customers as they offer a quicker turnaround than traditional methods. Sewer repair services can use trenchless technology for sewer line installation or repair, which can save you both time and money.

So, if you’re in need of reliable sewer line replacement services in Portland, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We are confident that you will experience our commitment to quality and customer service firsthand. Contact us now to schedule your appointment and take the first step toward a worry-free sewer line replacement.

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Common Causes Of Sewer Line Damage And How To Prevent Them

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